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DA Lighting Studio is a full-service  lighting design firm, providing design services and specification of complete lighting and control systems.  We approach each project as a collaborative effort involving all members of the design team. Our practice is dedicated to the design of environments which are a true synthesis of light and space.  Our work is characterized by compositions of layered light and shadow and the use of the most unique lighting tools available today.

Our dedication and passion for lighting design has contributed to the creation of innovative and award winning hospitality, commercial and residential projects over the past fifteen years.

With a diverse staff of designers and qualified support personnel, DA Lighting Studio is able to meet the most stringent deadlines while at the same time, develop lighting design solutions that are within budget, easy to install and meet the desired aesthetic.  Our services, experience, and team player approach makes us a natural fit for any design team.



Single-Family Residential 

Multi-Family Residential


Corporate Interiors

Lifestyle Centers



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